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Value of our business

What Is Branded Seller

  • Branded Seller is a company that provides full service, done-for-you Ecommerce management for 7 & 8 figure businesses.
  • We're not a 3PL in one part of the country and a Marketing & PPC "Agency" in another country... We are your partners that DO those things & more while wearing your brand's hat. We do it right here from our office and 27,000 sq ft warehouse in Bloomington, MN.
  • We focus on achieving growth for your brand's business that is sustainable and profitable. We help increase your capacity by exploiting opportunities in our tool belt you aren't thinking about.
  • Our primary objective is to increase the value of your business measured by profit. Profit is greatly influenced by expenses, we look for ways to save in everything we do.
  • For a full list of our services and capabilities, check out the Grow page

How Does Branded Seller Achieve Results

  • We use enterprise growth and scale tactics to drive your top line revenue PAIRED with cost-effective operational management to reduce your expenses and maximize bottom line.
  • We manage and provide additional capacity, so you can grow the business “hands-free” or "hands on" in the areas you're most passionate about.
  • In our model, marketing and operations are locked in sync, and always coordinated. There are no profit leaks caused by the disconnection and complexity that many brands face in the "remote" day and age.
  • Think of Branded Seller as extra horse power that cares about your brand as much as you do. We “put on” your company tee shirt, and become your CEO, CFO or COO...and staff. Whoever we need to be.
What Is Branded Seller

How Branded Seller Works

Sales Growth

We view sales growth as a key indicator for attributing success to a growth tactic or marketing campaign. Not bragging rights for spending more on PPC.
- Sorry Agencies.

Operations & Fulfillment

Whether you're importing product from your manufacturer, or shipping packages direct to a consumer, the total cost you pay better be the best cost along the way. - Does your 3PL care about your costs?


Your profit goals drive everything. How fast you grow, how efficient you are and ultimately how your profits now can effect your valuation. Strategies derived and executed off this 5 letter word. P R O F I T

Our work focuses on making all the moving parts work together smoothly to maximize profits and boost sales.

How To Know You Might Be Ready For Branded Seller

  • You have big goals for the business, but you find yourself stuck between where you want to go and exactly how you're going to get there.
  • Your company is not positioned to scale. A lot has to happen to pull this off, and it can also be a distraction. This is a major frustration for you and your team.
  • Your increased complexity between technology, inventory integrations between channels and 3pls is driving you nuts. Let's not get started with the in-accuracies between your reporting and the actual P&L because we handle that too.
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You’re In The Driver’s Seat To Grow Your Ecommerce Company

Branded Seller Makes It PROBABLE

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Why us

Why Choose Branded Seller

We’ve built and grown multiple 7- and 8-figure ecommerce businesses both our own, and those of other owners.

We are owner/operators meaning we take “ownership” of what needs to get done, and operate the business for you and / or with you,

We can accomplish as much or as little as you choose to hand off to us. We can grow your company flexibly.

Where To Next?

Now you have an overview of how Branded Seller works to deliver results to clients. To learn the details of who we work with, click Who.