Ryan and Josh at 2012
Ecommerce Conference

This Was The “Stone Age” Of

We both came from solid business backgrounds with extensive experience. We met at a company that sold generic water and air filters to replace high-priced manufacture’s filters. Instead of paying $50 for a replacement filter, our customers paid half that for the generic version.

We Learned On-The-Job Which Levers
To Pull To Produce Profit

We had intensive and significant responsibility for growing the company. I was employee number 10, and Ryan Iverson (my eventual partner) joined a little later. The company grew to over 100 employees, and the revenue grew from $3 million to $50 million.

We Always Dreamed About Owning An
Ecommerce Business Together

A Little “Side Hustle” Developed Into A Business

Ryan and I worked together and beat each other at racquetball for years. I started a little side hustle selling wine corks on Amazon.

The first business thing we did together was packing cork in the garage. We had a cork party on a table with literally millions of wine bottle corks. We repacked them into 50 packs, 100 packs, and 250 packs.

Together, we developed a powerfully productive model combining tech/operations with marketing. Two months later, in 2013, a business opportunity—Stakkers—came along, and we decided to buy it together.

Ryan and Josh at 2012
Ecommerce Conference

Now We Had Our Own Ecommerce Business

Stakkers is a promotional products service company. You know logo merchandise, apparel, giveaways, tchotchkes, stuff with a company brand on it. The business already had warehousing and fulfillment capabilities. We folded the cork business into Stakkers, and were able to move out of my garage!

Stakkers is a promotional products service company. You know logo merchandise, apparel, giveaways, tchotchkes, stuff with a company brand on it. The business already had warehousing and fulfillment capabilities. We folded the cork business into Stakkers, and were able to move out of my garage!

We just keep busting down The walls and growing!

We Hired Ryan’s Sister Megan To Run
The Businesses For Us
Stakkers Evolved Into Multiple Businesses
Served By One Team

Ryan and I were still working full-time at the filter ecommerce company. Megan Iverson was looking for a challenge, and we trusted her. We hired her to run Stakkers, and the cork operation—and as we added them—any other businesses under the same roof. By the way, Megan was also at the cork party!

Megan is key to managing the day to day, and frees me to build the revenue streams. There are few things as critical to consistent growth as trusted employees. Golden!

Megan and Josh at first stakkers
client trade show.

Bright Ventures Companies Became Our
Parent Company

Our concept developed into multiple ecommerce businesses under the umbrella of Bright Ventures. Our vision is a thriving entrepreneurial incubator that empowers ideas and individuals. We provide the tools and infrastructure to be successful.

Bright Ventures focuses on organic brand building and growth. Our strategy also includes asset acquisition for growth, plus strategic well-timed exits.

We Grew Another Amazon Business To $10M In
Sales In Five Years

In 2016, I started an Amazon private label, Essential Values. We moved it into the warehouse. That ecommerce brand was very successful, and We grew it to $10M in annual sales by 2020. When Essential Values hit $150K a month in sales, I kissed my full-time job goodbye. I sold Essential Values in 2021 for a $10M exit. I had achieved my financial objective of freedom from working a job.

The most important thing is that we perfected the model for growing an Amazon business. We developed that model at the filter company, and we proved its validity at Essential Values. I had to work two full-time jobs to do it, but I was able to buy my financial freedom.

Rinse And Repeat—Grow Another Ecommerce
Business And Sell It

Snipers Edge after rebranding.

In 2019, we bought another brand called Snipers Edge Hockey, Inc. It was a poorly-managed turnaround situation, and was profusely bleeding money. The company provides off-ice hockey training aids that make players better passers, shooters, and stick handlers.

We worked our magic to grow revenue and profit,and to efficiently manage expenses. We bought the business for $750K, and sold it two years later for $2.5M.

A Unique Synergy Of Talent

Stakkers cemented Ryan’s and my partnership of strengths into a business model.

My “magic power” is my ability to see opportunity and make a profitable business from that opportunity.

Ryan’s superpower is to be able to organize a business, use technology to make it more efficient, and drive business value.

We knew this from the beginning, but our experiences together have proven it. Now we’ve systematized the model.

Until... We formed BrandedSeller.com

The first full service Ecommerce Management business that focuses on business value creation. We are ready to serve you and take your brand to new heights.

This Is Also The Story Of A Family Business

We didn’t start out to be a family business; it just evolved over time. Ryan’s sister, Megan has been with us since the cork party. She became our first employee in 2016.

Her background in project management is a great fit for our management and operational needs.  Megan is a machine when it comes to cleaning up, organizing and systematizing, and operating our businesses..

Megan Iverson

Summary Of Experience

Branded Seller.com—2021 to Present
Chief Operations Officer

  • Collaborate with the CEO and Senior leadership to set and drive organizational vision, operations and strategy.
  • Manage staff and contractors across operation.
  • Drive operational efficiencies to impact bottom line.
  • Responsible for client services on strategic accounts.

Bright Ventures —2013 to Present
General Manager

  • Hired as first employee of parent company to manage day to day operations of portfolio brands.
  • Responsible for management of full-service promotional products agency (Stakkers), with customers across multiple industries.
  • Built infrastructure and ran day-to-day operations for a newly founded brand (Essential Values), from inception to sale of the company five years later, following multi-million dollar growth.
  • Acquired additional brand (Snipers Edge Hockey), and managed strategy and execution for a highly seasonal business, resulting in significant brand growth before sale of company.

Interpublic Group of Companies —2003 to 2016
Project Manager

  • Managed global corporate projects in the finance and real estate segments.

As Our Company Keeps Growing, We Trust Family
The Most

Josh’s brother, Alex came to an Amazon conference, and liked what he learned. He was spending his time researching new products, and finding and working with manufacturers. After a while, it became obvious that he’s great at product research.

We hired him to grow our businesses by finding new products, launching them, and selling them. Alex has been and continues to be directly responsible for significant growth of the companies we work with.

Alex Dittrich

Alex on the way to his
first Amazon convention.

Summary Of Experience

Branded Seller.com—2021 to Present
Chief Revenue Officer

  • Grow the number of products, product lines, and channels for clients.
  • Increase sales and revenue for client companies.
  • Rebrand, reposition, and relaunch products as needed.
  • Manage client advertising budgets and increase advertising revenue for them.

Essential Values—March 2018 to 2021
Chief Revenue Officer

  • Grew the business from $300K per month in sales to $1M in sales per month before business was sold in 2021.
  • Researched, developed, branded, and launched over 100 new products in 3 years.
  • Developed multiple product lines, each with six-figure monthly revenue.
  • Managed an annual seven-figure advertising budget.
  • Established long-term relationships with manufacturers, both in the US and overseas.
  • Managed inventory planning for the business.

Snipers Edge Hockey—2019 to 2021
Chief Marketing Officer

  • Achieved 100% growth before exiting the brand.
  • Collaborated with CEO to bring Snipers Edge onto Amazon platform.
  • Extended multi-channel fulfillment to both Amazon.com and Amazon Canada.
  • In charge of rebranding on Amazon.com, including all content writing and graphics.

Top Form Design—2021 to Present
Marketing Director

  • Increased sales and revenue growth more than 120% in 12 months, increasing the value of the business.
  • Launched over 20 new products for the brand.
  • Improved advertising revenue by 5X in 18 months.
  • Rebranded entire account giving a more modern look.
  • Improved the customer experience resulting in top review status on both Google and Amazon.

Josh Dittrich—Summary Of Experience

BrandedSeller.com—2021 to Present

Co-Founder, Chief Growth Officer

Essential Values—2016 to 2021

Founder, Chief Growth Officer

  • Built Amazon business from zero to $10M exit in five years.

Bright Ventures Companies—2015 to Present

Co-Founder, Chief Growth Officer

Bright Ventures entrepreneurial organization/business incubator focuses on growth through organic brand building and/or asset acquisition.

Stakkers—2013 to Present


  • Promotional products company.
  • Grew it exponentially and folded it into Essential Values.

Snipers Edge Hockey—2019 to 2021


  • Business turnaround.
  • Bought for $750K in 2019  when it was losing $400K a year on $1.8M in sales.
  • Turned it around in two years and sold it in 2021 for $2.5M.

Top Form Design—2021 to Present


  • Growing the business and preparing it for sale.
  • Split off manufacturing from sales.

US Water Filters—2010 to 2017

Sr. Director, Multi-Channel Growth

  • Responsible for Ecommerce Partner Sites and marketplaces.
  • Drove revenue growth through new SKU and channel additions.
  • Developed large scale traffic-generating partnerships.

Sr. Director of Sales & Business

Director of Sales & Business Development

Best Buy—2002 to 2010

Commercial Sales To Large Corporate Customers

  • Built a book of business of $4 million in sales.
  • Cold call, build relationships from scratch, and negotiate large corporate contracts for computers and electronic parts.

Josh Dittrich

My Five reasons for
working so hard.

Ryan Iverson—Summary Of Experience

Ryan Iverson

Bright Ventures Companies—2020 To Present

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Bright Ventures entrepreneurial organization/business incubator focuses on growth through organic brand building and/or asset acquisition.

US Water Filters, Inc.—2013 to 2020

  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Responsible for leading Digital Marketing, Analytics, and Technology.
  • Full P&L responsibility for all retail channels and technology
  • Created strategic roadmap for sustainable high-profit growth.
  • Built business intelligence engine that enabled the business to target and retain high-value customers and provide visibility to make smart data-informed decisions.
  • SVP of Technology & E-Commerce
  • VP of Technology & E-commerce
  • VP of Technology

Mindware—2001 to 2013
General Manager IT & Operations

  • Created toys and games that were the anchor for the strategy of the
  • Crafted digital experience to capture over 60% of offline marketing efforts to the website.
  • Created and developed systems and processes to rapidly scale a highly seasonal business.
  • Developed cost effective innovative solutions.
  • Provided sourcing strategy for Mindware.

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